Written by Malcolm Lawson

Located along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Saint Michaels beckons with its quaint, picturesque beauty. I love visiting Saint Michaels because you can’t help but slow down and relax here.

Saint Michaels is a cherished spot on the Chesapeake Bay, offering many benefits for those seeking tranquility. Known for its role in fooling the British during the War of 1812, this historic town boasts a rich maritime heritage and scenic landscapes. Residents enjoy a strong community life amidst beautiful surroundings. Whether you prefer waterfront living or culinary delights, Saint Michaels’s historic neighborhoods offer something for everyone.

Folk living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, enjoying residing in one of Maryland’s most popular towns. The location, only an hour and a half drive from Washington, D.C., makes this charming town an easy get-away spot. Living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, creates the perfect spot for summer retreats with plenty of things to do on the water. With a healthy tourism industry and second-home market, residents and guests have plenty of things to do and access to some of the best seafood in Maryland. In fact, Saint Michaels is known for its Maryland crabs and waterfront dining. Another benefit of Living in Saint Michael, Maryland, is little traffic, it’s easy to get around, and there are many places you can walk to. Plus, the downtown area is a great place to spend the day strolling around and taking in all the Victorian buildings.  Although Saint Michaels is a great place during the summer, there are a lot of things to do all year long.

Beautiful Waterfront Saint Michaels, Maryland

Waterfront Homes in Saint Michaels, Maryland


Cost of Living in Saint Michaels, Maryland

The cost of Living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, is 24% higher overall than the national average and 11% higher for the cost of goods and Services. The cost of housing is 62% higher than the national average, with the average Saint Michaels home value being approximately $667,000.  The average household income for Saint Michaels residents is around $121,000 a year.

Parks in Saint Michaels, Maryland

One of the best things about living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, is access to some of the best parks in Maryland. Saint Michael’s Park and Recreation Department does a good job of maintaining the town’s parks and facilities. Most parks provide beautiful water views. Plus, it is common to find piers, restrooms, playground equipment, and athletic facilities.

I asked locals about the best parks in Saint Michaels, Maryland, and they recommended Mustrat Park. It’s located at 100 Green Street, one block off Talbot Street, by Town Harbor. Muskrat Park offers amazing harbor views and is home to historic cannons. It is also landscaped and provides a gazebo, picnic tables, and benches.

Hollis Park, located at 300 Mill Street, is another great place folks living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, love to hang out. Nested in the town harbor, near the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, the park provides the perfect setting to chill. Hollis Park has facilities such as a playground with swings. And, the park offers slides, picnic tables, benches, and a wooden pirate ship play structure for the kids!

You can find a complete list of all Saint Michaels parks on the Saint Michaels Park and Recreation website. 

Parks in Saint Michaels, Maryland

Scenic Harbour Views at Muskrat Park


Schools in Saint Michaels, Maryland

If you are considering living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, year-round and have school-age children, you will be happy to learn that Saint Michaels schools have a great reputation. Served by the Talbot County Public School System, which is the #11 ranked school district out of 24 school districts in Maryland.

Talbot County Public Schools includes seven schools. Residents of Saint Michaels, Maryland, can access five kindergartens. For older kids, there is one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.

The top-performing schools in Saint Michaels, MD, are St. Michaels Middle/High School and St. Michaels Elementary School. These schools excel in math and reading tests, which helps boost their rankings. In math, they achieve an average score of 19%, matching the statewide average. Yet, in reading, they surpass the statewide average with a score of 47%, higher than Maryland’s 36% average. With an average ranking of 8/10, these schools are in the top 30% of Maryland’s public education system, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence and student achievement.

For a complete list and rankings of Saint Michaels School, visit greatschools.org.

Best Restaurants in Saint Michaels, Maryland

When I go to Saint Michaels, I love visiting  Harrison’s Harbour Lights. Most locals will tell you Harrison’s Harbour Lights is probably the most popular place because it has a pool, spa, outdoor decks, wonderful views, and more. Harrison’s Harbour Lights is one of the finest venues in Saint Michaels, Maryland.

If you are new to living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, you have to check out the Fool’s Lantern. I love this place because it’s in an old, historic two-story house with a large porch, and The Fool’s Lantern captures the vibe of Saint Michaels. The laid-back atmosphere, great beer, outstanding cocktails, and delicious dishes make the Fool’s Lantern a popular local hangout.

Of course, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention an outstanding seafood restaurant. If you ask around town where the best seafood in Saint Michaels is, Chesapeake Landing is sure to come up. The food at Chesapeake Landing is always fresh, and it’s family-owned, being a staple of the food scene in Saint Michaels for over 30 years. The cool thing about Chesapeake Landing Restaurant is they have a seafood market right out their back door. Guests enjoy fresh, caught crabs and oysters, and you can’t be the service and ambiance of Chesapeake Landing.

Restaurants in Saint Michaels, Maryland

Dining & Recreation at Harbour Inn, Saint Michaels, Maryland

Things to do in Saint Michaels, Maryland

For a small town, there are plenty of things to do in Saint Michaels, Maryland. For starters, residents living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, have access to amazing places like the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Everywhere you go around town there are places that will capture your attention, so don’t be in a hurry and allow yourself time to stop in and check things out as you go. As much as Saint Michaels is about the water and boating, there are other things to explore, like the Classic Motor Museum. Car enthusiasts or not, you are going to love this place.

The two museums mentioned are a few venues to visit in Saint Michaels. Living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, is like being on vacation all the time. The scenic waterfront views, vibrant art scene, historic structures, amazing coffee shops, and bakeries create an idyllic setting.

Shopping in Saint Michaels, Maryland

There are plenty of places to explore when it comes to shopping in Saint Michaels, Maryland.  Saint Michaels offers all kinds of jewelry stores, home accessories, gift shops, and modern art. Plus, unique stores like the Port of Cigars, the Christmas Shop, and Charisma Clothing Boutique are all locally owned. If you like antique shopping, residents living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, have access to a wide range of antique stores like Antiques on Talbot, The Shops at Sea Captain’s, and Reclaimed.

Shopping in Saint Michaels, Maryland

Unique shops in Saint Michaels, Maryland


Moving to Saint Michaels, Maryland

Living in Saint Michaels, Maryland, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and community spirit. Whether you seek a primary home or investment property, the homes for sale in Saint Michales, Maryland, cater to various needs. If you’d like to explore, I’m here to assist you.

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