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REAL Broker, LLC is a cloud-based real estate brokerage making big waves in the real estate industry. With their innovative business model, they are quickly helping disrupt the status quo of the real estate industry for the better!

But you may be wondering is it actually a good company for real estate agents to work for?

One of the best ways to get a feel for the company is to talk with the real estate agents actually in the company and see what their feedback is. That is the purpose of this article, to collect REAL Broker reviews from as many real estate agents within the company as I can.

These REAL agents have a wide range of experiences from brand new real estate agents, to experienced agents growing large real estate teams to husband and wife teams. These reviews also cover everything from REAL Broker’s technology, fees, commission splits, caps, stock program, revenue share, Elite Agent program, and culture.

Malcolm Lawson REAL Broker Review

I’ve been a full-time real estate agent since 2017 when I got out of the Air Force and initially joined Keller Williams Realty and was drawn to it by the leadership qualities I saw in Gary Keller. After 5 years at KW, I left to join REAL when a friend of mine took the time to explain to me all the benefits and perks of being an agent here at REAL.

I love the fact that fees I pay to my brokerage are almost half as much as I used to pay.  For me, this means I can do 2 fewer transactions a year and still make the same income as before and can instead spend that freed-up time with my son who has disabilities.

I also love the fact that is a publicly-traded company and actually has 4 different ways it gives free stock to its agents.  On top of that, it also has a fantastic revenue share model where it financially rewards it’s agents for helping grow the company.  To me, I see both of these as an additional stream of income I can make as an agent on top of my commissions.

I am also a huge fan of all the technology we get as REAL agents. I am very happy with Workplace, Skyslop, Chime, and most important to me the agent app. I love the app because not only does it show you all the transactions you currently have under contract, their closing date, and projected commission but it also shows you an enormous amount of data relating to your business. Everything from how much commission you have earned this quarter/year/previous year but also shows you how much you have left towards your commission, how much stock you have earned in the company, how much revenue share you have earned, and more.

I also love the culture and agents here at REAL. They have structured their business model in a way to incentivize the type of culture they want. By allowing agents to buy stock in the company, and even give them free stock, everyone wants everyone else to succeed and grow since we are all investors in the company. With their revenue share model, when you join you will have up to 5 agents in your upline who can be used as resources and have a vested interest in your success at REAL.  I also love the fact that the state brokers at REAL are not like typical brokers who spend much of their time focused on growing their business, renting office space, hiring and firing staff, paying high franchise fees ect.  Instead, the brokers here are only focused on contract compliance and supporting their real estate agents.

I honestly believe that REAL Broker and cloud-based brokerage business models, in general, are the future of our industry and would be a better fit for 75% of the real estate agents out there.

You can learn more about REAL Brokers commission splits, fees, and revenue share here https://www.joinreal.com/malcolm-lawson/refer

If you would like a free information packet about REAL Broker or would like to schedule a 1-on-1 zoom call with me to talk about how REAL broker could help you out, call or email me.

Malcolm Lawson

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Carol & Mike Church Real Broker Review

Carol & Mike Church are a domestic team at REAL Broker in South Carolina and have been in the real estate industry for about 3 years. Their primary source of lead generation is their YouTube channel about their local area https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWBuGmcUpJWqhptNhz07aw

In this video call, they explain what their experience has been like during their first few months as agents here.  We also talk about a challenge they had with the company their first few days after switching over and how their broker helped them overcome them. We also cover how they feel about the technology at REAL Broker such as Workplace, Skyslop, and the app. They also talk about how much they love the culture here at REAL Broker and how the company is structured it’s incentives to encourage a culture of sharing information and helping each other out with stock incentives and revenue share.  Mike says one of his favorite parts of being an agent at REAL aside from the culture, is the low fees and the stock incentives they receive.

Feel free to reach out to Carol & Mike church directly with any questions you may have about the company or you can put them down as your sponsoring agent to officially have them in your upline when you join REAL.

Carol & Mike Church

[email protected]



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