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Nestled in the heart of Baltimore County, Catonsville stands as one of Maryland’s most historic communities. Its captivating Main Street, steeped in history, boasts a delightful array of unique shops and boutiques.


Not only is Catonsville a charming bedroom community, but the surrounding landscapes are breathtaking. Residents living in Catonsville have easy access to Patapsco Valley State Park, which showcases the natural beauty that defines the area. 


Residents living in Catonsville, Maryland, have a wide range of annual cultural events, and these events keep the community spirit alive. The small-town atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are just a few things that make Catonsville appealing. And, if you are like me and prefer less traffic, getting around town is easy. Plus, Catonsville provides convenient access to major metro areas like Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Alexandria. 


Shops on Main Street in Catonsville, Maryland

Main Street in Catonsville, Maryland


Catonsville’s perfect blend of charm and history makes it one of Baltimore’s most popular suburbs. 


If you are wondering if Catonsville is a good place to live, stick around; we are going to explore all the benefits of living in Catonsville, Maryland.


For starters, the location is only twenty-eight minutes from Baltimore. The proximity to Baltimore via I-95 makes the town appealing for commuters who work in Baltimore.


If you are thinking about moving to Catonsville, the homes for sale in Catonsville, Maryland, range from late 1800s bungalows to chic townhomes and everything in between.


 Cost of Living In Catonsville, Maryland


The cost of living in Catonsville, Maryland, is 4.5% higher than the U.S. average and 6.5% higher than the average in Maryland. The median sales price of a single-family dwelling is approximately $355,000. The cost for utilities in Catonsville is 5% higher than the average in Maryland. Groceries are 14% higher, and transportation is 1% higher than the average for Maryland.  One of the benefits of living in Catonsville, Maryland, is the cost of transportation is not that much higher compared to other cities in the state. 


If you are looking to rent, there is good news! According to Zumper, the cost for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,700. A two-bedroom apartment will cost $2,000 or more a month, and these costs represent a 21% decrease compared to December 2022. For those considering renting a single-family home that runs upwards of $2,500 or more. 


Parks in Catonsville, Maryland


The community’s parks provide a tranquil retreat for those living in Catonsville, Maryland. The natural beauty of Catonsville, and exceptional recreational areas enhance the quality of life for residents. 


Catonsville Community Park offers nature trails, outdoor pickleball courts, paved walking paths,  and picnic areas. Furthermore, the park offers several playgrounds and sand volleyball courts. Catonsville Community Park is home to some newer tennis courts and athletic fields. 

Parks in Catonsville, Maryland

Popular Catonsville Community Park



A must-see outdoor area is Joseph Beugys Sculpture Park. The park is a great place for students to decompress after a long day of classes. Additionally, retirees can enjoy the scenic grounds, and power-walkers will appreciate an exhilarating place to work on their stride! 


You can find a complete list of parks and nature areas on the Catonsville Recreational Office website.


Schools in Catonsville, Maryland


Catonsville schools are top-notch and focus on giving students a great all-around experience. Catonsville schools are known for their commitment to learning and creating a supportive atmosphere.  Whether it’s academics or extracurriculars, Catonsville’s schools are a key part of what makes this community such a great place for families.


Residents living in Catonsville, Maryland, have access to many private and public schools. The Baltimore County Public School System serves the Catonsville area. You can find a complete list of school rankings at greatschools.org.


There are three high schools that serve the Catonsville area: Catonsville High School, Woodlawn Senior High School, and Western School of Technology and Environmental Science. 


For higher learning nearby, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) is located in Catonsville. Additionally, the Community College of Baltimore County, formerly known as Catonsville Community College, has a campus in Catonsville across the street from Catonsville High School.


UMBC Library Pond

Beautiful UMBC Library Pond



Best Restaurants in Catonsville, Maryland


When considering which restaurants I wanted to highlight in this article, I really struggled. There are so many good restaurants in Catonsville; where to begin was tough.


So, let’s start with a sure-fire winner for casual dining, State Fare. I love this place because it serves home-style cooking, and you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. The menu at State Fare consists of light pastries and hearty entrees that might need a to-go box. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the service is excellent. State Fare also provides outdoor seating and weekend brunches are worth trying.


Best Restaurants in Catonsville, Maryland

Casual Dining at State Fare in Catonsville


The Beaumont is a great all-around dining experience. The atmosphere at the Beaumont is upscale without pricey menu items. If you are looking to impress someone, try Beaumont’s Sunday brunch and check out the pound cake French toast; you won’t be disappointed.  


Okay, full transparency here: I love local, hole-in-wall eateries. That being said, at first glance, Doozy’s Diner may not be much to look at, but once you step inside, you can smell the cooking. The restaurant is clean, locally owned, and serves breakfast and lunch. All I can say is this place is awesome! You will love it.


Locally Owned Restaurant Doozy's Diner

Family-Owned Restaurant in Catonsville, Maryland, Doozy’s Diner

Things to Do in Catonsville, Maryland


Catonsville offers a range of attractions that make it a fun place to live. For those who love history, the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum is a great place to explore. Benjamin Banneker is considered the first African-American man of science, and the museum offers exhibits in astronomy and colonial history. The grounds are beautiful, and you can easily spend a few hours hiking around the 142-acre site, exploring nature, and learning about environmental conservation.


Another popular thing to do in Catonsville, Maryland, is visiting the Spring Grove Alumni Museum. Founded in 1797, Spring Grove is the first psychiatric hospital in the U.S.; some say it’s a little spooky! If you have a vivid imagination, you might find the museum a great place to film a horror movie. 


For residents living in Catonsville, Maryland, who love the outdoors, the Patapsco Valley State Park, which lines the southern border of Catonsville, spans 16,000 acres stretching thirty-two miles along the Patapsco River. The Patapsco Valley State Park is one of the largest state parks in Maryland, offering 170 miles of trails and amenities, including camping sites, mountain bike trails, picnic areas, fishing piers, and canoeing.


Shopping in Catonsville, Maryland


Shopping in Catonsville, Maryland, is like most cities. You have big box stores and strip shopping centers with name-brand shops, but Catonsville is home to some cool stores in the Catonsville Arts District. You will find an eclectic mix of antique stores, interior design venues, and specialty shops where you can discover unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else. 


Another great place friends told me about is Pat’s Porch. Let’s face it: I’m not the kind of guy that would go into a store like this, but to my surprise, it’s pretty cool. They have a wide selection of holiday candy and gifts, and the old-fashioned atmosphere lends to the small-town charm of Catonsville. Residents living in Catonsville, Maryland, love Pat’s Porch


Shopping in Catonsville, Maryland

Candy & Unique Gifts at Pat’s Porch


Moving to Catonsville, Maryland


Living in Catonsville, Maryland, offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern convenience. Residents enjoy plenty of cultural events and benefit from the family-friendly atmosphere and balanced lifestyle. If you are moving to Catonsville, Maryland, I would love to show you around. 

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