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Named after Dundalk, Ireland, Dundalk is a charming harbor town twenty-six minutes from Baltimore via the Broening Highway. Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, enjoy a waterfront community filled with friendly people, historic architecture, and charming neighborhoods representing some of Maryland’s oldest and finest homes. Dundalk attracts people who love living by the water and want more affordable housing options. Dundalk’s location puts residents on the outskirts of Baltimore and near the famous Sparrows Point. I love Dundalk, Maryland, because small waterways and inlets surround you, and it’s possible to find lovely homes near docks and marines. Plus, Dundalk is home to numerous waterfront restaurants.


Homes in Dundalk, Maryland

Aerial View of Dundalk, Maryland.


Dundalk’s population is under 67,000, and it is a beautiful suburb of Baltimore, offering residents easy commutes via I-695. Getting around Dundalk is effortless, and most neighborhoods have everything you need within blocks of the communities. Although many residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, commute to Baltimore, the town is home to a large Amazon fulfillment center. The Maryland Transport Authority also provides many jobs in Dundalk, and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center lies between Dundalk and Baltimore.

Cost of Living in Dundalk, Maryland

Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, enjoy proximity to Baltimore and plenty of affordable housing options. As one of Baltimore’s first inner-ring suburbs, the cost of living in Dundalk, Maryland, is 16% lower than the Maryland average and only 1% higher than the national average. The average home price is $222,653, and the cost to rent a two-bedroom, depending on the area, runs about $1325.00 monthly. Other cost factors include transportation expenses running 1% higher than the national average and grocery prices 14% higher than the national average.

Because of the proximity to Baltimore, the Dundalk housing market is typically in high demand, and when homes go up for sale, they tend to sell quickly.

Parks in Dundalk, Maryland

From expansive green spaces to waterfront parks along the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, Dundalk’s parks offer a diverse range of outdoor experiences. Many Dundalk parks feature playgrounds, walking trails, sports facilities, and scenic spots. Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, have access to twenty parks that provide a vibrant array of outdoor spaces. Stansbury Park is a popular waterfront park providing a family-friendly recreation center featuring a driving range, batting cages, picnic tables, and an 18-hole mini-golf course. Stansbury Park also provides a playground, ball fields, and scenic walking paths.


Parks in Dundalk, Maryland

Stansbury Park is home to fishing piers, playgrounds, and walking trails.


Another favored waterfront park is Merritt Point Park. Residents enjoy a 36-acre green space with hiking trails, pavilions, and multi-purpose courts. Merritt Point Park is great for picnics, large family gatherings, fishing, and more. Merritt and Stansbury Parks provide scenic trails where you can walk your dogs and hang out for the afternoon.

Other outdoor recreation in Dundalk, Maryland, includes The Sparrow Points Country Club, which offers a beautiful golf course, tennis courts, and clubhouse dining. The Sparrows Point Country Club attracts residents of Baltimore and families living in Dundalk, Maryland, who appreciate beautiful surroundings, championship golf, and a family-centric golf community.

Schools in Dundalk, Maryland

Dundalk, Maryland, is home to a network of schools that play a crucial role in shaping students’ educational experiences. Public and private schools serve Dundalk, each committed to providing quality education. Dundalk’s public schools are part of the Baltimore County Public Schools system. Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, also have a selection of private schools committed to the education welfare of their students. You can find a list of local schools and their rankings at GreatSchools.org.

One of the top elementary schools is Dundalk Elementary School, which offers a special needs program that is quite successful. Parents living in Dundalk, Maryland, whose children attend Dundalk Elementary School report their kids love the school. The children seem to have a lot of friends and like their teachers. Dundalk Elementary is one of the newer schools in town, offering a very clean, high-tech environment.

Students can attend Dundalk High School, Patapsco High School, and Sparrows Point High School for primary and secondary education. Dundalk is also home to Sollers Point Technical High School, one of the only high schools in the country to hold an ISO 9001 certification.

Dundalk is also home to a campus of the Community College of Baltimore County, known as CCBC-Dundalk. It was formerly known as Dundalk Community College.

Best Restaurants in Dundalk, Maryland

If you enjoy eating out, the Dundalk food scene offers various culinary delights. Dundalk is a harbor town, so the seafood is fantastic. Many waterfront eateries, such as Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, serve fresh seafood daily. Be sure to order Jimmy’s famous steamed crabs!

Another local favorite is Hard Yard Cafe. The waterfront atmosphere is fun, and they have some of the best steaks in town. Kids love the tacos and Fish and Chip’s entrees. A personal favorite of mine is the pulled pork. You can even get a hearty breakfast at Hard Yard Cafe. 

The Boulevard Diner is the local go-to haunt I would recommend you try. A family-owned eatery, The Boulevard Diner appeared on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show and is characterized by its fun, casual atmosphere. You will feel like you have stepped back in time when you eat at The Boulevard Diner. The folks are friendly, and the food is fantastic.


Restaurants in Dundalk, Maryland

As seen on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives-The Boulevard Diner


Things to do in Dundalk, Maryland

To get a real feel of Dundalk’s vibe, I recommend driving around the Dundalk Historic District. The Dundalk Historic District consists of commercial, residential, and institutional buildings built from 1910 through 1940 representing Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and historic Art Deco architecture. This is a great area to research the town’s history; many of the district’s buildings are the work of Batlimore’s renowned architect, Edward L. Palmer, Jr. 

For those who appreciate American History, the North Point State Battlefield is a great place to visit. Located at the 2880 block of North Point Road, near North Point Rd and Trappe Road, guests will learn about the bravery of soldiers who fought at the battle of North Point, which was a turning point in the War of 1812 in the fight for American Independence. If you are living in Dundalk, Maryland, I’m sure you already appreciate the history of the area and the significance of the Battle of North Point. 


Things to do in Dundalk, Maryland

Historic Site North Point State Battlefield in Dundalk, Maryland


Shopping in Dundalk, Maryland

Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, have no shortage of shopping venues. There are plenty of places to shop near Dundalk, including strip centers like Danville Square Shopping Center, located at 503 Merritt Blvd. PetsMart and Pep Boys anchor Danville and are easy to get to. Residents living in Dundalk, Maryland, and who work at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center appreciate the nearby new shopping plaza called Yard 56. You’ll find popular places like Panda Express, Starbucks, and Chipotle. Locals love Yard 56 because it is a modern mixed-use development with appealing architectural elements. The atmosphere is chic, and there are numerous dining options at Yard 56.

Eastpoint Mall is a favored venue offering a variety of clothing and department stores such as JC Penney, Burlington, and Value City Furniture, to name a few. The mall is a one-level regional enclosed shopping center that is easy to get to. It is located at 7839 Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD.

One of the things I love about the Dundalk area is the town offers some cool stores like Dude’s Snack Attack, located at 75 Shipping Place. Kids have a great time in this store with all the candy and displays that grab your attention. It’s a place worth checking out. 


Shopping in Dundalk, Maryland

Eastpoint Mall in Dundalk, Maryland


Moving to Dundalk, Maryland

Dundalk, Maryland, is an attractive and well-rounded community for individuals and families. Beyond its employment opportunities and diverse housing options, Dundalk provides an affordable entry point for those looking to establish homeownership, live near the waterfront, and enjoy proximity to Baltimore. If you are considering living in Dundalk, Maryland, I would love to help you find the perfect home.

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