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Is buying in a Maryland 55+ Community right for you?

Have you reached the age of retirement and are thinking of making a move? If you have thought about moving to a Maryland 55+ community you are not alone. There are many draws that entice Maryland residents into moving to one of these gated communities, but many are unsure about making the move. These communities come with restrictions, and it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before buying into a Maryland 55+ Community.

Pros of a Maryland Active Adult Community

There are many reasons why you would want to move into a 55+ community if you meet the age requirements. Besides being beautiful and well kept, here are some of the most popular advantages of moving in:

1. Maintenance Could be Included

Most retirement communities require you to pay a monthly fee that covers a lot of your household and property maintenance. What items are covered depending on the community you live in, but it could range from your landscaping and outdoor maintenance to housecleaning as well. When you have spent years working and taking care of a property the idea of not having to handle all of the maintenance can be incredibly freeing.

2. Amenities Galore

Once again this differs with each community, but the reason many people choose to live in these gated communities is because of all the amenities that they offer. This can include a community building, personal enrichment classes, fitness classes, golf, and other hobby classes. There is always something going on. This not only provides you with activities to do, but the chance to meet your neighbors and form a close social circle.

3. Quieter Community

Some Maryland active adult communities will only accept people that are over the age of 55, while there are other communities that only require a certain percentage of the homes to be owned by people within the age requirement. If you are looking for a quiet community without lots of children running around, make sure you understand what the rules are in the community you are considering buying into. Moving to a Maryland 55+ community can assure you that you will be living in a safe and quiet neighborhood.

4. Usually Close to Quality Health Care

Many retirement communities are located in cities that also have colleges or universities. This provides access to high-quality healthcare options. This can be a big advantage to seniors allowing them to be close to doctors and other healthcare professionals. The close proximity of the community to universities also means there are additional dining options and activities to choose from.

Cons of a Maryland Active Adult Community

While there are many reasons to move to a Maryland 55+ community, there are also some drawbacks to making this move. Before taking the step make sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages to you.

1. Monthly Fees

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While these communities come with many benefits, such as landscaping and community events, they also can come with hefty monthly fees. If you are capable of doing the work yourself and want to do the work, you are still going to be paying the monthly fee. If you don’t want to take advantage of the activities offered by the community, you are still going to be paying your monthly fee. You will want to make sure that the things that are included in your monthly fee are actually worth the money that you will be spending.

2. Limited Market When Selling

If and when you decide to sell your house within a 55+ community, you have a limited audience that you can sell to. This could mean that your house will sit on the market longer. If you need to sell your house quickly that means you could have to take a loss in order to get it sold, or you might need to let it sit on the market until you can find the right buyer.

3. Cold Winter Climate

Another con to purchasing a house in a Maryland 55+ community is the cold winter climate. Many seniors enjoy being a snow bird and traveling south for the winter. If you purchase in Maryland and want to go south you will be paying your monthly fee, even when you are not home. Or, you will be choosing to stay home and give up your chance of spending the winter in the south. If you enjoy cold winters then you can add this to the list of pros on your personal list.

4. Restrictions

Living within a Maryland senior community comes with restrictions. If you don’t like someone telling you what you can and cannot do within your own yard or home you may not like living in a retirement community. Many of these communities have rules on where you can park, if your garage door can be left open, if you can put up a fence in your yard, and if you are able to own a pet. If you want to make the decisions for yourself this can become very frustrating.

If one of your children and their family is in need of a place to live, you are unable to help them out if they do not meet the age requirements. Many of these communities even limit the number of days that visitors under the age limit can stay at your house consecutively.

Now that you know the pros and cons of living in a Maryland 55+ community it is up to you to determine what is best for you. If you have just reached the age requirement don’t forget to consider the fact that you could be surrounded by people much older than you are. You need to look into each community you are considering to learn their specific rules and find out all of the amenities that they offer. Only then can you make a decision that you will be happy with for years to come.

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